ISO 9001


DCM Solutions is considered one of the top construction firms in Thailand in terms of quality and it has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system from Bureau Veritas Certification.


DCM Solutions is committed to the continual improvement of our quality management system and continually review the system for suitability. Quality objectives are also reviewed for suitability and whether or not they have been met.


DCM Solutions’ policy is to create built-in quality for all customers while simplifying and shortening the construction process (Design & Construction).

DCM is able to create such quality for its customers



  • Taking control of, or making suggestions during the design development stage of the project whenever possible
  • Collaborating with the client’s architect on all issues e.g. material alternatives, build ability and building economics
  • Assisting the client with budget control and value engineering
  • Reacting quickly to variations during construction to mitigate the overall impact any such changes will have on the completion schedule and budget


Our Quality Objectives



  • To deliver better value for money
  • To satisfy the customer’s budgetary requirements
  • To satisfy the customer’s time requirements
  • To satisfy the customer’s quality (specification) requirements
  • To minimize defects and liabilities on completed works
  • To continually improve the company’s performance


If you have any questions regarding our quality management system or would like to request information then please send your request to